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A secure cloud service which provides you with fast digitisation of a company or organisation. You will have constant access to all the necessary information without ever needing paper documents again. You will gain immediate access to all the processes, documents and data messages whenever and wherever you want just by using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

6 main benefits of Sofa


Process status monitoring

Every process defined in the company can be tracked and checked anytime and from anywhere. Nothing is left unprocessed! The processes are defined using a graphical interface where you can change conditions, key points and the process path.


The end to paper receipts

You will not need to store the receipts for small expenses anymore. Simply take their photo with a smartphone and submit them in the system. Now you will not need to carry paper receipts from gas stations, for public transport or for snack anywhere.


Easy access and simple document management

Without the need for your own infrastructure, the service is guaranteed to be available for you in 24/7 mode from any device with a web browser. The service is securely provided by complying with the most strict European standards and regulations. Automatic data backup is of course included.


Quick settings of the rules and services

It takes just a few minutes to establish the service. And we will do it for you. We only need the list of users and organizational structure and that is all. You can start using the service within 24 hours. No analysis or complicated process mapping is needed before the start.


Data messages in the palm of your hand

The service checks for incoming data messages from public administration and enables you to process them easily, including forwarding and replies. All incoming and outgoing data messages are safely stored by the service.


Safe operation without having to look after your own infrastructure

Immediate access to receipts, invoices and other documents including data messages, anytime and anywhere. Everything is safely stored and available from one place. No invoices after due date, no unprocessed requests. A clear overview of who is supposed to deal with the given request and when.

Manage important processes online

Managing a company or institution takes time. To ensure you have enough time for what is really important, we have an interesting offer for you. The necessary processes that everyone deals with, ready for immediate deployment.


Contract and document approvals

Approve contracts in sequence or in parallel. Always with an overview of the current approval status and authorization using electronic signatures.


Servicing requirements

Even if everything runs smoothly in the company, something breaks from time to time… Deal with servicing requests using advanced features. Describe the defect, insert an attachment or a photograph, select the person responsible and submit it to be dealt with.


Approvals and documentation of business trips

Enter the details of the business trip, select the means of transport, the trip purpose and submit to your superior for approval. Once it is approved, the application automatically calculates the settlement and travel allowance.


Approvals of leave requests

Leave request including all requirements as specified by the Labor Code. Submit or approve anytime and anywhere. Perhaps at the doctor's or in a cable car.


Purchase requests

Approve purchases and services for the company. A user submits a purchase request to their superior, and after approval it is sent to the person responsible for the purchase itself.


Approvals of invoices and small expenses

Take a photo of a receipt or invoice, enter the basic details (cover sheet) and submit to your superior for approval or directly to the accounting department, as per your company's internal rules.


And if you think of any other process, design it quickly and simply in three steps.

Enter the data, specify the roles, design the approval path and your process is ready!

Select the size of your Sofa

View the indicative price options based on the implementation and operation demands and do not hesitate to contact us or try the FREE Sofa, you are not risking anything.



Up to 3 users
Storage up to 1 GB total

Processes / Documents / Data messages

Number of entries Up to 500 per year
Activation FREE
Process settings NO


Up to 30 users
Storage up to 10 GB per year

Processes / Documents / Data messages

Number of entries Up to the storage size
API For the storage
Activation FREE
Process settings FREE


Up to 50 users
Storage up to 50 GB per year

Processes / Documents / Data messages

Number of entries Up to the storage size
API For the storage
+ conversion services
Activation FREE
Process settings FREE

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Less paperwork and more effectiveness. Take a look how others used digitization to their advantage.

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Processes from the basic Sofa package tailored for the client. Regular collection from several company's data mailboxes and the option to insert the messages into processes.


Dobrá rodina

Collection and settlement of travel orders from field officers and a solution for approving invoices and leave requests with emphasis on user-friendliness.



Electronic approvals of purchases and leave requests. This fast-growing company has a perfect overview of purchase and leave requests which is simple to handle.


Faculty of Humanities at Charles University in Prague

Simple creation and approval of proposals of international business trips including the service forms.

More reference


The Sofa service is safe and reliable. We have the necessary international certifications and partners who are among the leaders in their fields.

Microsoft Azure Callas ETSI 

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