Smart Office Automation

Sofa. Online application to digitize companies and administration offices fast

Managing documents, data messages and processes in digital processes with an electronic signature and smart archiving directly in Microsoft 365. Less paperwork. Simply. In digital.

Workflow and digital

Simplify invoice and contract approvals or any administrative, business and HR processes.
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Sign contracts and documents with your clients immediately. Directly from Microsoft 365 and using BankID.
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digital archive

A well-organized electronic archive with active document care in compliance with legislation. Validable for 30 years and more across the EU.
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Microsoft 365

Manage your processes directly from Teams. Sign documents in Microsoft 365 applications.
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Why choose Sofa cloud application?

I manage a company or a business team

As a company owner I need to make good use of every minute and be able to sign contracts with customers and suppliers digitally. At the same time I need to keep track of what I have signed.

I'm saving the cost but, most importan-tly, also time.
„Sofa significantly reduces the cost of travel, materials or postage.”

I am in charge of HR

We process thousands of sensitive documents every year. Job contracts, amendments, payrolls but also GDPR, health and safety policy and internal regulations that we need to sign and archive securely..

We archive sensitive documents digitally.
„With Sofa, we sign digitally from anywhere and never leave anything lying on the desk.”

I take care of IT and security

We use Microsoft 365 as our company environment standard and put emphasis on security and compliance with regulations. We gradually digitize our processes, which brings us significant savings..

Sofa is integrated with Microsoft 365.
„The application uses unified secured sign-in and archives in compliance with eIDAS.”

Would you like to know more about Sofa?

Take a look at our clients' most frequent questions or the recording of one of our selected webinars.

Complex solution. Single price.

Sofa is a unique solution for fast office digitization without investments.

Electronic signature

SSimply sign an approved contract digitally. No need to print out and sign anymore. More details

Smart digital archive

DOnce you have approved a document, you can archive it and return to it later any time using smart search. More details

Workflow and digital processes

Simple invoice and contract approvals or any administrative, business and HR processes. More details

Microsoft 365 extension

Microsoft 365, Integromat, Rossum, API. Sofa is ready for your system, whichever it is. More details

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