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State administration

We have worked with the state administration since the beginning of their digitization process. We have taken part in some major projects which have simplified and quickened citizens’s access to the services of the state. Our solutions are user-friendly to both citizens and civil servants.


SecuSign - Signatures and conversion

A single solution from us will ensure that you have everything you need for signatures, seals, qualified time stamps and signature validation under the eIDAS Regulation (including foreign certification authorities) in accordance with the current legislation, for all your systems. Our trust services will ensure proper care of your digital documents.

Provide for signatures and conversions using SecuSign, which is a qualified trust service.
The service's conformity with the eIDAS Regulation is verified.

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Submission and forms

Modern portals of state administration bring many benefits to both citizens and civil servants and their usage is very easy. A citizen only fills in the information the central registers do not know about him and the given department receives proof of a person’s correct identification. Thanks to automatic checks, both sides have a guarantee of correctly inserted data.

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Process digitization

Process and agenda digitization will bring you easier and more effective procedures across your department. With the help of Agenda Information System (AIS) and in agreement with legislature, you will get a solution for digitization of all your necessary agendas. Substitution of paper processes for digital ones has never been easier.

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  • Absence, holiday
  • Travelling order
  • Authorisation of records and contracts
  • Record of certificates, licences/seals
  • Approval of invoices, payment orders and orders
  • Internal announcements
  • Electronic signature book
  • Record and approval of users’ rights
  • Internal reservation request

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Records management system

Our solutions fulfil the strictest requirements for modern record management system. Therefore, you can be assured that all the document operations in their whole life cycle (including work with certificates, electronic signatures and imprints) will be exactly according to the requirements of National standard and in accordance with eIDAS.

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Case studies


General Directorate of Customs

„UNIQA's aim was to facilitate their sales managers' jobs. The sales managers can now conclude insurance contracts with the clients directly in field and do not need to spend time on useless administration. Thanks to the solution from Software602. “

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Processes from the basic Sofa package tailored for the client. Regular collection from several company's data mailboxes and the option to insert the messages into processes.


Ministry of Transport

Handling of PDF documents.


Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre

Solution for electronic smart forms in administrative procedures.


Czech Telecommunication Office

Solution for electronic smart forms in e-submissions and data collection.

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