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The Town of Frenštát pod Radhoštěm

The municipal authority decided to modernize its administration and replaced paper forms with a modern solution by Software602. The town, lying in a picturesque basin in Moravian-Silesian Beskids with beautiful nature, where notable artists lived and worked, is trying this way to continue being a pleasant place to live.

Initial stage

Before the announcement of the call “22 Process digitization, data digitization and connection of local AIS 's and public administration registers”, the users in Frenštát had to use paper forms. Regardless of whether they were internal forms or communication between the authority and citizens. When the call was announced, they looked for a solution to replace the circulating paper forms by electronic ones, one which would also save the authority's expenses and allow integrate the whole solution in the town's information system. In the first stage of the project it was a solution for the most common internal forms and several tens of forms for citizens. 

Putting smart forms in practical use accelerated the approval process in internal administration and also saved paper. The most common processes – Absence and Travel Order – are used by all the authority's employees under an internal rule of the Conditions of Employment. We already knew the quality of electronic forms by SW602 and we could not find another supplier on the market who would meet our requirements

Ing. Petr Kubenka

Secretary of the municipal authority, Frenštát pod Radhoštěm

Solution: fully digitized processes

The municipal authority enabled the citizens to use electronic submissions in transportation, building permit processes and environment. The forms by SW602 meet all requirements for electronic submissions – submissions using data mailboxes or sending document provided with a qualified electronic signature to the authority's electronic registrar, but also the option to print out the electronic form and sign it by hand. A system of internal checks makes sure that the citizen will fill out the data correctly and only submit a fully filled-out form. The town also decided to digitize internal processes that the administration handles often. 

The main benefits of digitization

The project of form-based solutions improved the effectiveness of communication between the citizens and authority and allows the citizens to stay in touch even from the comfort of their homes. The citizens can now decide themselves whether to make use of this option or visit the authority in person. As part of the project implementation the authority's internal processes were also digitized. Thanks to that, all applications are now processed much faster and more efficiently. For the most used internal processes, digital forms have fully replaced paper requests forms and enable users to check their status immediately. The forms have a unified visual style, which improves the level of the authority's presentation and makes their use easier. 

  • Form solutions for citizens - To enhance communication, allowing the citizens and contributory organizations to submit applications in a fully electronic form as a replacement for current “paper” templates. A set of 45 forms for the delegated competences of public administration was selected. Numbers of electronic forms for citizens (all the forms are available on the town's website): 
  • 15 forms for transportation
  • 15 forms for building permit processes  
  • 20 forms for the environment area 
  • Internal process digitization:
  • approval of a travel order and subsequent settlement
  • request for the approval of absence from workplace (contains 19 available types of absence)
  • request for training
  • salary resources plan
  • request for the development of resources

The whole project was implemented in a very short time span, within 8 weeks from the contract execution. The successful deployment was made possible especially thanks to the constructive attitude of the people responsible in Frenštát, who had a clear idea of the whole implementation. Both concerning the extension of communication options between the citizens and the authority and towards the employees and facilitation of their work.

Ing. Radim Beran

Software602 sales manager

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