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The Town of Bílina

The decision to modernize the local municipal authority saves the town about CZK 1.5 million per year. To finance the project, implemented by Software602, they smartly used a grant from the Integrated Operational Programme of the European Regional Development Fund.

Segment: Municipalities / Authority: Process digitization

Initial Stage

Just as in other cities and towns, the Bílina municipal authority also struggled until recently with too complicated procedures — both internal ones and those that involved the citizens. It was clear that much could be set up more effectively — from easier citizens' access to the services of the office through general increase of effectiveness by implementing a better document management system, simplification and acceleration of selected processes.

The breaking point was the call from the integrated operational programme for the promotion of implementing information and communication systems in public administration in February 2014. The changes were given the green light.

Our main objective was met. We managed to make the municipal authority's procedures more effective, which is now a benefit for all 100 employees and 30 representatives. We made it possible for the citizens to communicate with the authority in a much easier and more comfortable way. We also saved money by the digitization – the savings are calculated at about CZK 1 498 000 per year.


vicemayor of Bílina


“After the announcement of the call we started working on the digitization project. All the changes were based on a feasibility study, which defined the office's specific needs. We proceeded from it to prepare and submit the grant application. After approval a competition for a subcontractor took place and its winner was Software602,” says Mgr. Zuzana Bařtipánová. The company's representatives and the authority's selected employees started by carrying out an initial analysis, which set the priorities for the individual processes.

The digitization project included integration of the authority's applications and their integration in a portal for administration workers and a portal for citizens.


sales manager of the Local Administration division at Software602

We started with internal processes: travel order and approvals of the materials for the municipal council and board. The first one included a complete process setup from requests and approvals of business trips to their settlement. The second case was a complex solution for the administration of the town council and board meetings — from the material to the agenda and minutes to the final output from the meeting. Digitization of these initial processes produced an immediate result. The approval processes rapidly accelerated and the change saved material (no need for printing) and the time of the authority's employees too. Besides that, form-based services were created to facilitate citizens' access to the authority's services. The whole process took four months.

Next steps

As a follow-up to the success of the initial processes, new ones are being implemented — specifically for absence from workplace (the form generally known as “leave request”) and attendance (a process run at the end of each month, which includes approval of presence and absence from workplace and overlaps with personnel administration). Other processes being implemented are invoice approvals and records of public procurement, which will give the town authority a tool for complete records of all public procurement they deal with.

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