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Konica Minolta: The end to printed invoices

The end to paper invoices and a transition to e-invoicing under Software602's lead produced cost savings and a perfect overview of documents.

Segment: Corporations / Authority: Process digitization

Konica Minolta is a leading global supplier of products and services for printing documents and their processing and digitizing. The company, which in many respects leads the way with their innovative approach, used to send their clients invoices “in the old way”, in paper form. Considering the amount of about 8000 documents per month, such a procedure was uneconomic, needlessly complicated and in contrast to the image of a modern company. A change arrived with a transition to e-invoicing, conducted by Software602.

Initial stage: 100 000 printed documents per year

The printing costs alone of so many documents were considerable. Another significant item in the budget was the cost of sending. And in the end the company had no indication whether the invoice actually reached the client. The straightforward objectives were to save money and, at the same time, improve the customers' comfort. But when considering the transition to e-invoicing, the company was worried whether the digitized documents would meet all the requirements. They needed a 100% guarantee that the electronic invoices would have all the necessary qualities and be acceptable by authorities. The change was therefore not performed instantly but gradually. 

Our solution, thanks to its flexibility and detailed compliance with all legislative requirements, is one of the best on the market. The project outcome corresponds to the fact.

ondřej málek

Sales Manager of the Commerce division at Software602

From PDF in e-mail to a complete sophisticated solution 

During the transition to e-invoicing they started to send invoices to selected clients by e-mail in PDF format. The source of the company's data is an ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics (Navision), which Software602 used when developing an integrated solution connecting Microsoft SharePoint and the company's client portal.

In the company's ERP system the PDF documents are provided with new metadata and a qualified electronic mark, which confirms the document's authenticity and contents inviolation, and a time stamp is added too if required. The solution includes automatic features: it checks the documents for correctness prior to sending and monitors the validity of signature certificates.

Benefits of e-invoicing

  • Perfect overview: The Software602 solution stores all records of document downloads. The employees of Konica Minolta can see who has already downloaded the invoice and, if necessary, they can resend the notification e-mail.
  • Easy access: The users can enter the archive easily from the ERP system or from MS SharePoint. There is a range of advanced features available there. 
  • Maximum comfort: The clients simply download the invoices from the Konica Minolta client portal, which they have already been using to receive all information on order status, enter service requests, etc.
  • Lower costs: Except for a handful of clients, the costs of printing and sending have been completely eliminated. The invoice issuing is also less laborious.
  • 100% compliance with legislation: The electronic documents meet all requirements of both Czech and European legislation.

Our company has long been actively involved in the development of European standards for document archiving. We are pleased that Konica Minolta put trust in our know-how and we could confirm that a modern solution can be reliable, efficient, user friendly and it can be integrated without any issues. 


Sales Manager of the Commerce division at Software602

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