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Insurance company UNIQA

UNIQA's aim was to facilitate their sales managers' jobs. The sales managers can now conclude insurance contracts with the clients directly in field and do not need to spend time on useless administration. Thanks to the solution from Software602.

Segment: Corporations / Authority: Digital archiving

Initial Stage 

Before the start of cooperation, the responsible employees of UNIQA had to, apart from clients, also take care of large number of various contracts in paper form, in both Czech Republic and Slovakia. Also their printing, signing, subsequent distribution within the company, archiving and looking up if necessary. All this needlessly took up their capacities and prolonged the whole process right from contract creation and increased the demands on the company's employees and consumables. They were therefore looking for a solution that would accelerate the process as much as possible and offer the sales managers and clients some user comfort.

Biometric contract signing on tablets and signature pads quickly became part of our sales managers' jobs and they view it very favorably. I appreciate the excellent work performed during the whole project implementation. I believe we will continue to keep the bar high.


Insurance company UNIQA 

Solution: Biometric signatures and a digital archive 

Tablets or signature pads and Software602 FormFlow Server with the Long-Term Archive module became the basic tools. The sales managers' work is now more efficient. The employee selects a contract on the tablet, fills in the required details and submits it to the Software602 system, where a PDF/A document is created. The document is then displayed on the tablet (or pad) and the client signs it biometrically. The signed document is submitted to the Software602 Long-Term Archive, where a digital signature and a time stamp are attached to it. This method provides long-term archiving in compliance with legislation.

The main benefits of digitization

  • The Long-Term Archive module provides: (a) security from loss; (b) security from modification; (c) security from unauthorized access; (d) tools for disproving doubts of contents authenticity
  • The Long-Term Archive module is connected to the Long-Term Docs service, which provides long-term legal validity of documents
  • Documents stored in the trusted archive are provided with metadata so that they can be looked up later
  • The signature application allows signing documents using devices of various types and from various producers
  • The new system can process and long-term digitally store hundreds of thousands of contract per months and their number can keep growing
  • More efficient work also comes to brick-and-mortar subsidiaries — signature pads or tablets help the employees at counters too
  • All the texts displayed in the signature application are in Czech or Slovak language, depending on the country where the solution is being used
  • The signature application ensures an unseverable attachment of the biometric signature to the signed document
  • The application can create statistics of the signed documents

The significant advantages include implementation speed. It only took three months from the first meeting to the start of live operation. Following this period, 300 employees could start using the new method of working with contracts.

Using biometric signing along with Software602 FormFlow and the Long-Term Archive module shows that sales managers' fieldwork can be fast, efficient and without needless paperwork. All the acts take place in real time, the contract signature is quick. Moreover, the documents are archived in the long-term digital archive in compliance with legislation immediately after signing. The success of this project raised interest in other clients who are using biometric signing in their business.



sales manager of the Commerce division at Software602

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