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The Town of Polička

Polička in East Bohemia is a proof that digitization does not have to be the privilege of cities. The municipal authority decided to digitize selected processes of the authority's offices, which resulted in savings and at the same time accelerated and simplified the selected processes.

Segment: Municipalities / Authority: Process digitization

Initial Stage

The processes of the municipal authority in Polička were not the simplest, thanks to the town's extended competence. Especially various internal approval processes were complicated and time-consuming. Some procedures required taking the selected document from door to door around the offices trying to collect all necessary certifications. Not that anything was actually wrong — the authority's employees were used to the system and adapted to the internal processes when dealing with signatures and stamps. Nevertheless it was appropriate to ask whether there is a suitable and accessible technology that would make the approvals more efficient and transfer the authority's procedures to the 21st century.  

The whole digitization project was started by a need to simplify and accelerate internal processes, unify inputs and outputs and find possible savings. We managed to fulfill all of it, and that in a very short time. We also put emphasis on making the new system user friendly and the outputs to follow the town's graphic charter. That was accomplished too.


head of the information technology department in Polička 

Solution: implementing paperless processes

The answer to the authority's issues was digitization. The first phase of the project gave green light to the four most used processes:

  • Absence
  • Travel order
  • Access rights
  • Electronic return receipt

Each contains a range of variants: Absence offers 19 possible reasons for absence (doctor, vacation, compensatory leave, errands, etc.). The travel order includes all the steps from the initial request to the approval by the superior to settlement by the payroll department. 

The process

The basis was therefore to run a thorough initial analysis. The analysis identified the current status of the selected processes and their optimization followed. The number of steps in each of the documents' workflow was significantly decreased and the whole process simplified. Then all the steps for the digitized processes, from their creation to closure, were clearly defined. Everything received a clear order. 

The main benefits of digitization

  • Digitization led to overall simplification and acceleration of the selected processes. Now they are more transparent and their complete history can be looked up.
  • A significant positive effect is noticeable with the travel orders: The employees can see when which car is available (better use of the car fleet) and they can coordinate their activities better (planning joint trips).
  • The electronic return receipt allows distribution of the required documents to selected groups of users.
  • The paperless system produced significant savings. “Approvals are available anywhere, online. We save on paper and toner, but first and foremost we saved precious time,” says Ondřej Votruba, head of the IT department in Polička. 

The whole process of analysis and the implementation itself was very fast. Within a mere month from the moment we received a specific order, the town employees could start fully using the new paperless system. The popularity of the form-based solution is shown by the fact that within just the first two months, the system processed more than 250 travel orders and over 380 various types of absence. 


sales manager at Software602


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