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Autoklub ČR

In order for Autoklub ČR (Car Club Czech Republic) to continue providing its services at the highest level possible, they needed to start digitizing their activities. One of the reasons is that as a member of several international federations and a national sport authority in motor sports, they take care of their management and development.

Segment: Corporations / Authority: Document control

Initial Stage

There are many activities taking place in Autoklub ČR that need to be arranged – internal managing mechanisms as well as processing motions, communication with public administration authorities, project administration, issuing sport licenses, invoice circulation and approvals. Besides all that is Autoklub ČR also involved in commenting or co-creating legislative standards and managing grant resources. All this has been, until now, done mostly in “paper” form. With the growing number of activities it became necessary to completely digitize management of all the documents. Those that are created directly in Autoklub ČR as well as those that arrive from other subjects.

Complexity of the solution and an individual approach. These are the main reasons why we selected Software602. The fact that the offer was financially acceptable for us also played a significant role. We welcomed the fact that SW602 is a partner focused on solving problems, not creating them.


Autoklub ČR

Solution: The Record and DMS modules 

The management of Autoklub ČR originally considered a partial digitization only. Based on the analysis and following recommendations from Software602, in the end they decided to resolve document management by full digitization. 

The cooperation began by implementing two modules – records management and a DMS – with the option of extension by more functionalities. This solution was based on a connection to the existing systems and allowed step-by-step implementation as required by the needs of Autoklub ČR. The form system was set up so that selected employees could modify the forms themselves. In addition to that, the module-based system allows implementation of related modules according to any new requirements.

The main benefits of digitization

Form digitization at Pilsen administration offices - including those at the city district level - gained several significant improvements:

  • Easy document registration 
  • Quick process of dealing with documents 
  • Simple document archiving
  • The option of remote access 
  • Digital documents allow producing materials for both internal and external inspection quickly
  • The form system allows selected users to modify the forms 
  • Thanks to digitization, good overview of data messages, invoices, contracts and other processes is available

Working with Autoklub ČR was very pleasant. The client knew what they wanted and we, in turn, knew how to do it. All the participants in the project were able to try out the benefits of digitization in practice and actively cooperated on the project. The transfer to a paperless solution therefore went smoothly and to everyone's satisfaction.


Sales Manager, Software602

The process

The key task after deciding for full process and document digitization was to convince employees of Autoklub ČR of the benefits of transfer from a fully “paper” solution to a digital one. The individual users were therefore trained in several groups. They could learn about the advantages of digitization in person using real processes they regularly deal with. Another reason for success was the fact that the two sides managed to connect in a fast and informal manner. As a result, any ad hoc requirements could be resolved in a short time. 

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