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AMU and its faculties cooperate with more than 700 teachers. The contracts they conclude are often short-term and they are renewed repeatedly. This means a lot of administration, which used to be rather complicated in the times of manually filled-out paper forms. Form digitization made it all easier.

Segment: Municipalities / Authority: Process digitization

Initial Stage

Besides the processes related to employment contracts, the administration departments also dealt with time sheets or foreign business trips. Each detail required filling out the corresponding forms manually. Data filled in such documents was often illegible or incomplete. The administration staff therefore spent a lot of time deciphering handwriting or contacting the teachers again to fill in the missing data. Transition to modern technologies was not very welcome at first. 

Form digitization was definitely a step in the right direction. I would select the same product today without hesitation – it offers exactly what we need. We have been using it effectively for a number of years and we have not encountered a significant problem yet. On top of that we have a continuous guarantee of perfect support from Software602.



Solution: Smart forms 

In spite of a part of the users, who preferred to continue using the traditional paper method, the management of AMU decided in 2007 to start modernizing. Almost all forms for economic and personnel administration have been digitized step by step in cooperation with Software602. The required documents are now available to users on the school's website – they can simply download them, fill them out directly in the computer and then print out, sign and deliver to the department responsible. The solution is so intuitive that even people opposed to computers gradually started using them. The original paper versions were completely abolished.

The main advantages of form digitization

  • With digitized forms, there are no problems with data legibility; 
  • Thanks to notices of mandatory items, the data is complete;
  • Smart forms provide context help, automatically run preset calculations and check the filled-in data for correctness. As a result, the error rate dropped to a minimum; 
  • The form can be saved, including the filled-in data. Then it only requires an adjustment for a new submission, which saves time significantly;
  • Upon form opening, an update to the form is offered to the user if needed – after accepting, the newest version of the form is used and submitted.

The significant advantages include implementation speed. It only took three months from the first meeting to the start of live operation. Following this period, 300 employees could start using the new method of working with contracts.

Implementing our solution proceeded without any serious complications, which was confirmed by the speed of implementing the first documents. The best compliment for us was when, after implementing the first digitized forms, some of the AMU employees started requesting the implementation of other forms as fast as possible.


Director of the Local Administration division at Software602

The process

At the beginning, employees of the IT department at AMU underwent training at Software602. Using the purchased software they started creating the forms they needed – from the simple ones to complicated ones with repeat sections, complex calculations and advanced checks. The first digitized forms were made available in 2007, the majority of the rest in 2008. New ones keep being created as the school needs them. There are currently about 50 digitized documents in use – ranging from simple ones to complex dynamic forms. Web versions of forms are now being developed in addition to client ones to provide compatibility with various platforms.

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