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Get to know our work. For all projects it is important for us to understand the client's intentions. How we deal with individual projects? Thoroughly analyze the problems, needs and objectives, and then propose specific solutions. Our case study therefore always contain a description of the entire project from start to finish, including the main benefits.

Case studies



General Directorate of Customs

Process digitization was necessary to provide efficient activities of Customs Administration. The competences in customs administration and some taxes are now provided in a much faster and efficient manner.


Konica Minolta: The end to printed invoices

The end to paper invoices and a transition to e-invoicing under Software602's lead produced cost savings and a perfect overview of documents.

Akademie Muzických Umění


AMU and its faculties cooperate with more than 700 teachers. The contracts they conclude are often short-term and they are renewed repeatedly. This means a lot of administration, which used to be rather complicated in the times of manually filled-out paper forms. Form digitization made it all easier.


The Town of Bílina

The decision to modernize the local municipal authority saves the town about CZK 1.5 million per year. To finance the project, implemented by Software602, they smartly used a grant from the Integrated Operational Programme of the European Regional Development Fund.


Insurance company UNIQA

UNIQA's aim was to facilitate their sales managers' jobs. The sales managers can now conclude insurance contracts with the clients directly in field and do not need to spend time on useless administration. Thanks to the solution from Software602.


Autoklub ČR

In order for Autoklub ČR (Car Club Czech Republic) to continue providing its services at the highest level possible, they needed to start digitizing their activities. One of the reasons is that as a member of several international federations and a national sport authority in motor sports, they take care of their management and development.


The Town of Frenštát pod Radhoštěm

The municipal authority decided to modernize its administration and replaced paper forms with a modern solution by Software602. The town, lying in a picturesque basin in Moravian-Silesian Beskids with beautiful nature, where notable artists lived and worked, is trying this way to continue being a pleasant place to live.


City of Pilsen

How to facilitate contact between citizens and administration and make the employees' jobs easier? The representatives of Pilsen have decided on a digitization project. Its aim was to reduce waiting at counters and give people an opportunity to submit various applications and forms in digital form.


The Town of Polička

Polička in East Bohemia is a proof that digitization does not have to be the privilege of cities. The municipal authority decided to digitize selected processes of the authority's offices, which resulted in savings and at the same time accelerated and simplified the selected processes.



Psychiatric Hospital Bohnice

Electronic records management system for all departments and clinics provides unified registration and distribution of messages and documents, their circulation and processing including archiving and subsequent shredding.


Czech Proof House for Arms and Ammunition

Solution for Electronic records management.


The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic

Solution for Electronic records management.


Dobrá rodina

Collection and settlement of travel orders from field officers and a solution for approving invoices and leave requests with emphasis on user-friendliness.



Electronic approvals of purchases and leave requests. This fast-growing company has a perfect overview of purchase and leave requests which is simple to handle.


Ministry of Industry and Trade

Solution for electronic smart forms and document conversion.


State Institute for Drug Control

Solution for electronic smart forms and document conversion.


Ministry of Transport

Handling of PDF documents.


Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre

Solution for electronic smart forms in administrative procedures.


Czech Telecommunication Office

Solution for electronic smart forms in e-submissions and data collection.


Energy Regulatory Office

Solution for electronic smart forms in e-submissions and data collection.



Transition to electronic invoicing, digital archive and a sophisticated system of checks saved the company's employees and customers a lot of mechanical work.


K.A.L.T. Pneu

Our solution facilitated the technicians' field work when working with data. It accelerated the processes and saved troubles with filling out, handing over, archiving and looking up paper forms.



The key approval processes were provided for by implementing digitized smart forms. We developed and supplied a system for managing and controlling their workflow for UPC.


Czech Social Security Administration

Solution for electronic smart forms at ČSSZ's ePortal.

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Processes from the basic Sofa package tailored for the client. Regular collection from several company's data mailboxes and the option to insert the messages into processes.


Czech Point

Our form-based interface combines various records and registers of the Czech administration and almost 7000 offices at city and municipal authorities, post offices, embassies, local offices of the Czech Chamber of Commerce and notaries.


The Office of the Chamber of Deputies

Solution for document conversion.


Faculty of Humanities at Charles University in Prague

Simple creation and approval of proposals of international business trips including the service forms.

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