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eIDAS is part of our corporate DNA as well as digitization. We know everything about it and that’s why our solutions work successfully across all European Union countries.

eIDAS is a regulation of the European Parliament on electronic identification and confidence-building services for electronic transactions in the internal market. What does that actually mean? A clear definition of the rules for the digital market in Europe, mainly work with electronic signature and verification of electronic identity. We are well aware of eIDAS requirements and their fulfilment is included in our eIDAS SecuSign Platform.

The electronic signature formats in the implementing regulations are defined on the basis of ETSI standards, where we were the only ETSI member from the Czech Republic to participate in plug-in tests of the signature formats PAdES, CAdES, XAdES, ASiC and e-Signature validation.

Successful plug tests give our clients confidence that the Software602 solution meets the strictest international requirements. They are also sure that the compatibility of our solution across the European Union is fully verified.

As a result, they can verify documents produced in other EU countries without any doubt, and they also guarantee that their documents will be accepted without problems in any EU country. 

Our eIDAS certifications

Trusted list EU

We are a qualified provider of trust-building services registered on the European trusted List

Registered qualified services:

QVal for QESig Qualified services for verifying qualified signing certificates
QVal for QESeal Qualified services for verifying qualified sealing certificates
QPres for QESig Qualified services for storing qualified signing certificates
QPres for QESeal Qualified services for storing qualified sealing certificates


As the only ETSI member in the Czech Republic that is active in the field of electronic signatures, Software602 successfully participated in plug tests for PAdES, CAdES, XAdES and ASiC signature formats, confirming its technological advancement in the field of electronic signatures and the role of a technology leader in this field.

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