The development of new technologies logically comes with their involvement in the functioning of companies and offices in order to speed up and streamline their operations and services for clients – this is what our elite solutions do. We’ve been involved in operating the Data Box Information System, Czech POINT for more than 10 years and we’re still developing new technologies in the field of electronic portals and form solutions – all this in cooperation with our long-term partners and with regard to the reliability and efficiency of our solutions.

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A unique way of reliable communication and a huge step forward in digitizing offices; using databoxes countless on-line administrative work can be handled without going to offices or sending letters. Over the past 10 years, our transaction core system has delivered over 700 million data messages. All reports, including their attachments, are sealed and time stamped, and are valid for personal submissions or electronic signatures. We created a Data Box Information System with partners NEWPS.CZ, DATASYS and O2.

  • Over a million databoxes
  • 700 million data messages sent in 10 years
  • Sending data messages to public administration for free
  • Cost savings 91% compared to common delivery services
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  • Delivery anytime, regardless of office hours
  • Guaranteed validity of all data messages
  • No need to further check the sender's identity

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With more than 7,000 contact points located at post offices and offices throughout the Czech Republic, Czech POINT is the largest over-the-counter network in the Czech Republic. Citizens have significantly reduced their travel distance to the nearest office when they need to handle a variety of authorized statements (public documents), authorized conversion of documents on request, setting up a databox, citizen identification, larger branches with multiple counters often provide verification and legalization services. Czech POINTs provide identification services in the event of loss of documents at diplomatic missions around the world, etc. Czech POINTs provide services for civil servants for registries (birth, death), for reporting offices (permanent residence, delivery) and for all authorities authorized conversion services ex officio. The core of the Czech POINT contact points system was implemented with our partner NEWPS.CZ

  • 7 318 contact points in the Czech Republic and worldwide
  • 5 794 municipal offices, 984 post offices, 442 notaries, 52 prosecutor's offices, 46 offices of the Chamber of Commerce
  • the system is used by more than 100 thousand clerks (active users)
  • over 60 million authorized conversions in 10 years of operation

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The e-Portal of the Czech Social Security Administration and departmental portal of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Thanks to the unique project e-Portal of the Czech Social Security Administration, they have been able to use 126 paper forms on the Internet. It is a comprehensive offer of electronic services of central government available non-stop. The portal handles on average over sixty submissions a day based on our form solution. Based on their experience with the e-Portal, the CSSA deployed a single departmental portal solution at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic at the end of 2019. It provides over 170 portal services, 74 forms and 15 interactive applications. Both projects originated in cooperation with Asseco Central Europe, Software602 is the supplier of the administrative work component.

  • Login using a databox or e-Identity card
  • Total of 200 form processes
  • 15 interactive applications
  • Over 4 million e-forms processed in a data box in 2019
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  • Over 100 million processed e-forms in five years
  • Considerable decrease in time demands for administration
  • User friendly solution
  • Automatically pre-filled forms
  • Instant delivery regardless of office hours

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