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Document Conversion

We will provide for you authorized conversion by right of office in compliance with Act 300/2008 Sb. and document conversion to valid PDF/A. The conversion is the core feature that provides document legibility and is a necessary condition for long-term digital archiving. Compliance with PDF/A is provided by top-class technology callas and thanks to it the documents are accepted in the National digital archive.

6 advantages of Document Conversion

We have been helping with processing more than 500.000 documents every month for many years. This gives our clients certainty that we do understand conversion.

  • Conversion of any documents into archival PDF/A formats
  • Validation of compliance with PDF/A formats
  • Bulk and multiple signing of documents
Podpisy a konverze
  • Editing pages of PDF documents (joining, removing, adding)
  • Signing and sealing in compliance with eIDAS and ETSI specifications
  • Authorized conversion at CzechPoint and login using JIP KAAS

Signatures and conversions are modular. The modules can complement each other and it is easy to connect them.

We understand conversion

Software602 has been focused on document conversion for a long time and it is the only Czech member of the PDF Association. The central conversion server ensures that requests on long-term document legibility are fulfilled; integration Long-Term Docs SDK makes sure that documents do not leave the client's perimeter. Together with the SecuSign service they create a unique portfolio of services for complex management of electronic documents.

The universal web service interface also provides easy integration into existing information systems or can simply replace them.

PDF association member

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Méně papírování a více efektivity. Podívejte se, jak jinde dokázali využít digitalizaci ve svůj prospěch.


Czech Point

Our form-based interface combines various records and registers of the Czech administration and almost 7000 offices at city and municipal authorities, post offices, embassies, local offices of the Czech Chamber of Commerce and notaries.


The Office of the Chamber of Deputies

Solution for document conversion.


Faculty of Humanities at Charles University in Prague

Simple creation and approval of proposals of international business trips including the service forms.

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