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Digital archiving

Our long-term archive is created to save data in any format and it is also protected against their loss, alteration or unauthorised access. We provide validity and legal guarantee in accordance with legislative and technical standards for all your documents from their creation up until shredding.

6 advantages od Digital archiving

Our archiving ensures long-term legal effect for your digital documents and data..

  • Secured unimpaired content of documents
  • Long-term verification - guaranteed document plausibility over time
  • Plausibility of document or record origin
Digitalizace procesů
  • Long-term readability of documents for the whole duration of their existence
  • Verification of existence and validity of electronic signatures and timestamps together with recording of metadata document results
  • Standard integration interface for other IS

Digital archiving is modular. The modules can complement each other and it is easy to connect them.

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Case studies


Insurance company UNIQA

UNIQA's aim was to facilitate their sales managers' jobs. The sales managers can now conclude insurance contracts with the clients directly in field and do not need to spend time on useless administration. Thanks to the solution from Software602.


Méně papírování a více efektivity. Podívejte se, jak jinde dokázali využít digitalizaci ve svůj prospěch.


Czech Point

Our form-based interface combines various records and registers of the Czech administration and almost 7000 offices at city and municipal authorities, post offices, embassies, local offices of the Czech Chamber of Commerce and notaries.


Faculty of Humanities at Charles University in Prague

Simple creation and approval of proposals of international business trips including the service forms.

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