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With our competencies, we can provide digitization company or institution at any level. Our solutions are modular, everyone can simply select what they need. And if there's more, the solution can be easily connected.


Digital archiving

Our long-term archive is created to save data in any format and it is also protected against their loss, alteration or unauthorised access. We provide validity and legal guarantee in accordance with legislative and technical standards for all your documents from their creation up until shredding.


Process digitization

Digital agendas can do much more than paper processes. They are effective and reliable and you will never have to send anything my email again. You can set your own processes and even workflow according to the needs of your firm.


Document control

We control digital documents and data messages including a record management service during their whole life cycle from their creation by a process or a conversion.


Electronic signatures

Would you like to have a practical records management system which is easy to use and is secure, credible, and has legal validity? Look no further. Our records management system stresses an intuitive and effective performance and it can also be enlarged infinitely in the number of users and processes.


Submission and forms

Submissions can be made in paper form which of course is slow, or they can be made electronically, which is much faster and easier. Our complete electronic submissions are maximally focused on the user. How do we achieve that? We join all the necessary steps into one smart form application which does a lot of work for the user, resulting in a much more user friendly experience.


Document conversion

We will provide for you authorized conversion by right of office in compliance with Act 300/2008 Sb. and document conversion to valid PDF/A. The conversion is the core feature that provides document legibility and is a necessary condition for long-term digital archiving. Compliance with PDF/A is provided by top-class technology callas and thanks to it the documents are accepted in the National digital archive.

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