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eIDAS is a part of our company’s DNA, in the same way digitization is. We know everything about eIDAS and because of that, our solutions can successfully function throughout all the states of the European Union.

eIDAS is a regulation of the European parliament about electronic identification and services creating trustworthy grounds for electronic transactions in the domestic market. What does that actually mean? A clear set of rules have been established for digital trade all across Europe, mainly concerned with electronic signatures and verification of electronic identity. We follow the eIDAS requirements and their fulfillment is a part of our Long-Term Docs technology, which is an integral part of our solutions, products and services.  In the Czech Republic, eIDAS requirements in the field of electronic signatures and certificates are implemented by a new law about services which creates trust for electronic transactions (the assumed start date of the force of this legislation is October 2016).
Formats of electronic signatures in implemented regulations are defined in accordance with  ETSI standards. As our company is the only member of ETSI from the Czech Republic, we successfully passed through plug tests for PAdES, CAdES, XAdES and ASiC formats. The successful plug tests give our clients certainty that the Software602 solutions  meet the strictest international requirements. Moreover, they can be sure that the compatibility of our solution is fully verified across the European Union. Because of that, they are able to verify documents created in other countries of the EU without worries and they also have a guarantee that their documents will be easily accepted in any EU member country. ETSI Plugtests™ are used for formatting mutual technological agreements when creating, signing and verifying electronic documents. The active participation of the plug tests participants helps to improve defining the standards in more detail and they also take part in the legislative development.
We are still waiting for eIDAS implementation in the field of electronic identification in the Czech Republic. During the legal debate in Czech parliament about services creating trust for electronic transactions, the minister of the interior promised a new law proposal by the end of 2016.

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