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We are Software602

We are a traditional Czech company. We help our clients reach operative and business goals by digitizing their processes and documents and by long-term archiving.

Our values



Innovation has been the key to our company for the past 25 years. More than a third of our employees are involved in the development of new technologies which are driving our company forward. We are number one on the European market in a number of fields.



We have been here for more than a quarter-century and after such a long period of time, our partners know that they can always rely on us. That’s why they stick with us, we’re able to create and finance solutions for large tasks.



Interpersonal relationships are essential to us. We are able to provide a professional service thanks to people who love their jobs. Clients know that the task isn’t done by robots but by people who are willing to listen to them. We are able to communicate in a humane and simple manner.

Our achievements

We create solutions for our clients which have helped them reach their goals since 1991. We always do so quickly and effectively.


Software602 s.r.o. is established by authors of Text602 (R602), which was considered a legend among the software companies of the 90s as it was a unique product for its time, enabling the easy creation of text documents and communication with customers in Czech language. 


Software602 becomes a joint stock company. The director of the firm - Richard Kaucký - receives an award for Person of the year in Czech informatics because of work over the previous 4 years to launch the first Czech electronic mail and first professional Windows applications - word processor and database. 


We introduce a successor of electronic mail - Mail602 with English localization (602proInternet). We also integrate professional fulltext engine searching for documents based on their content into a text editor and we come up with Print2PDF - our very first product used for conversion into PDF format. 


Our customers were not affected by Y2K and we are launch our first freeware for desktop and server, which gains huge popularity among users (602PC SUITE and 602LAN SUITE).


602XML (FormFiller) is introduced on the market - our first innovative solution based on a specialized form browser working with XML data. In 2008, it receives the European Seal of Excellence award. 


We launch a 602XML Server (FormFlow) - our very first back-end for the administration of forms and XML data. This gradually transforms into a solution for innovative workflow of form applications containing arbitrary attachments providing all the advanced functions of confirmation process, delegation, team management, user administration and other. 


We participate in the creation of Czech POINT, where we launch our first solution for a large scale project. Thanks to our form interface, Czech POINT becomes the largest counter network in the Czech Republic as it connects the registers of Czech public administration from more than 7000 workplaces. 


As a sub supplier for O2, we take part in the creation of the Data Box Information System. We participate in designing the structure, executing transactional core with the web service interface and designing form interface for portal applications. Our subsidiary company, System602, provides technical support and runs a call centre. 


We launch SecuStamp.com in the T-Systems cloud for the first digital continuity solution of electronically signed documents using electronic time stamps, which is awarded the Project of the Year award from Cacio. Later, in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation, we broaden our services under the trade name SecuSign.


From 2012 to 2014, we unify our digitization know-how into three technology platforms - FormApps, Long-Term Docs and FormFlow; we deepen our cooperation with ETSI in the area of e-signatures and their legal effect across the EU.


We acquire the first key references in the commercial sector with digitization projects and FormApps undergoes a stress test during the routine operation of one of the largest eGov portals (CSSA ePortal); we are the only company in the Czech Republic to successfully pass the complete ETSI Plugtests™ for electronic signature formats under the eIDAS Regulation.


We are the first qualified trust service provider in the EU to have both our new qualified validation services certified and to retain our qualified electronic signatures / seals; Sofa wins Microsoft Awards Winner 2017.


We create a secure Cloud service - Sofa, which is used for fast digitization of a company or organization. It is possible to simply create any processes according to the needs of the company and it also uses a set of the most used agendas for immediate use.  


We launch Sofa, the first generation of cloud services based on a Low Code Development Platform in Azure. It’s used to design forms and workflows for digitized processes without the need for deep programming knowledge as a future Paperless platform for Smart office automation.

Our team

Technology is amazing, but people are even more so. These are the people who are behind the success and contentment of our partners. Who are our leaders?


Richard Kaucký

Managing director


Zdeněk Novotný

Director of Research and Development


Pavel Nemrava

Director of Public division


Antonín Drahovzal

Director of Commerce division and Slovakian division


Michal Vejvoda

Director of Municipality division

We care about the world around us

Our world is more than zeroes and ones. We care about the world around us and we want to actively participate in it.


We are a certified company in accordance with international standards which have been carried out by renowned certification authorities. Because of this, clients can be sure that our processes are effective and our deliveries reliable.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 is a system of quality management in an organisation. On February 22, 2016, we were verified and received certification for the following fields: Analyses; Solution proposition; Development; Implementation; Service and support of ICT technologies and SW systems and solutions.


ISO/IEC 20000-1

ISO 9001:2008 is a widely respected management standard. It gives the shareholders, customers and others the certainty that a reviewed company practices its methods in agreement with clearly defined and effectively conducted processes.


ISO/IEC 20000-1

ISO/IEC 20000-1 is an international standard of service management in the IT field. During certification process, an auditor (in case of Software602 it was a global auditor from the Tayllor & Cox company) reviews if the supplier of the IT services is focused on the needs of the customer and if the processes are in accordance with it and are thoroughly followed and if the supplier is continuously working on improving the current situation. 


ISO:/IEC 27001:2005

ISO:/IEC 27001:2005 is a standard focused on information safety management. It provides a guarantee that the certified company is aware of how valuable information is and carries out the necessary steps (technical, organisational and even personal) to ensure their safety. It also guarantees the individual steps are a part of a comprehensive system and are set in regulations which are strictly followed. 



Key project managers and engineering specialists from Software602 are certified in accordance with the ITIL framework (Information Technology Infrastructure Library). ITIL is a group of manuals and practices for delivering a service in the IT field, they exist to ensure that only the actions which provide added value for the client will be carried out and that these are thoroughly monitored and directed. 



Some consultants at Software602 have been certified in accordance with Prince2 - an international framework focusing on project management. This framework was originally designed for the British government, however other European countries, organisations such as NATO and the EU and hundreds of other commercial organisations started to use it as well. In contrast to the comparable American PMI framework, Prince2 is much more complex. It covers the whole life cycle of the project from the point where a decision is made as to whether to execute the project only after receiving the results. Prince2 framework provides the certainty that nothing has been neglected and that all parts of the project are under control. This framework is frequently updated with new experience from project management from IT field. The latest version was released in 2009.

Plugtests of European Telecommunications Standards Institute


Software602 is the only Czech member of ETSI and as a part of this membership, it is active in the field of electronic signatures. Software602 has successfully passed plugtests for signature formats PAdES, CAdES and ASiC. Therefore, the technological maturity and the leadership role of this company has been confirmed in the electronic signature field. 

Certificates in Slovakia


We passed a certification measuring the compliance of electronic information system and registration administration. Our information system has been evaluated as “High level” as it  fulfills the criteria set by the Home Office of the Slovakian Republic, Act no. 525/2011 dealing with standards for electronic information systems for administration of registration.


eIDAS is a part of our company’s DNA, in the same way digitization is. We know everything about eIDAS and because of that, our solutions can successfully function throughout all the states of the European Union.

eIDAS is a regulation of the European parliament about electronic identification and services creating trustworthy grounds for electronic transactions in the domestic market. What does that actually mean? A clear set of rules have been established for digital trade all across Europe, mainly concerned with electronic signatures and verification of electronic identity. We follow the eIDAS requirements and their fulfillment is a part of our Long-Term Docs technology, which is an integral part of our solutions, products and services.  In the Czech Republic, eIDAS requirements in the field of electronic signatures and certificates are implemented by a new law about services which creates trust for electronic transactions (the assumed start date of the force of this legislation is October 2016).
Formats of electronic signatures in implemented regulations are defined in accordance with  ETSI standards. As our company is the only member of ETSI from the Czech Republic, we successfully passed through plug tests for PAdES, CAdES, XAdES and ASiC formats. The successful plug tests give our clients certainty that the Software602 solutions  meet the strictest international requirements. Moreover, they can be sure that the compatibility of our solution is fully verified across the European Union. Because of that, they are able to verify documents created in other countries of the EU without worries and they also have a guarantee that their documents will be easily accepted in any EU member country. ETSI Plugtests™ are used for formatting mutual technological agreements when creating, signing and verifying electronic documents. The active participation of the plug tests participants helps to improve defining the standards in more detail and they also take part in the legislative development.
We are still waiting for eIDAS implementation in the field of electronic identification in the Czech Republic. During the legal debate in Czech parliament about services creating trust for electronic transactions, the minister of the interior promised a new law proposal by the end of 2016.


We support important activities. We know that the most beneficial aid is direct help. We support projects which have a clear purpose in different stages of our lives – from beginning to the very end.

Endowment funds

Endowment fund Apolena

The primary goal of endowment fund APOLENA is the material support of endoscopic surgery rooms in OPG clinic in Prague and in the Faculty of Medicine at Charles University, also known as “U Apolináře.” These endoscopic tools are very important as they enable careful surgery (that means, surgery in the least invasive way) which, for example, gives women hope to conceive and to give birth to a healthy child. They help women with difficult health problems and more often than not, they even save lives. 


Hospice support 

We know how difficult it is to ensure complex hospice care to patients. To care about clients in the terminal phase places high demands on all caretakers and on clients themselves. We want to help achieve a goal where the palliative care will provide adequate conditions so that even the hardest parts of a person’s life are dealt with in a decent manner.

Cesta domů

The non-profit hospice organisation Cesta domů offers professional care to dying people and their relatives who take care of them. They run a home hospice in Prague which provides expert advice either by an appointment, over the phone or on the internet. They provide respite services in the clients’ homes, lend medical equipment and offer the services of the public palliative library. As a part of their activities, they also employ themselves in editing and education. They also run a Podvečer club and Vzpomínky website for  survivors.

Hospice of Dobrý pastýř, Čerčany

Hospice of Dobrý pastýř is a specialised institution providing palliative care for people in the final stages of a terminal illness, regardless of their age, social status or their place of residence. It provides inpatient and home hospice care and it is possible to use their service of a palliative medicine ambulance.


Partnership is one of our key values. Mutual understanding, a passion for the same things and the possibility to co-operate with each other gives us an opportunity to partner with the best in the field.

We integrate the latest technologies in our solutions. 



Partners for cloud computing



We are a part of supranational organisations

Our experts regularly attend meetings of working groups for the creation of extensive electronic signature specifications. Our experts help to create these specifications which are then received by the European Union. 





Software602 is the first Czech member of this association which unites important companies and technological leaders in the field to provide long-term readability of documents in PDF/A format. 

In the Czech Republic we are members of the ICT UNION and Hospodarska Komora.





Project partners

We cooperate with important system integrators and solution providers. We are proud to have a reputation as a reliable partner with professional attitude towards project management, which has helped us solve difficult situations numerous times. 

Our providers of technologies and services

We also integrate components and solutions of third parties into our solutions to satisfy the needs of our customers.


Partners of marketing projects

We collaborate on marketing projects that support our mission and vision.