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The Zlín Region and our forms

Citizens are going to apply for grants in the Heat Source Replacement Program in homes in the Zlín Region using an electronic form by Software602.

10/04/17 / News

The subject of the grant is a replacement of the current manually stoked solid-fuel boiler with a new solid-fuel boiler – strictly biomass or with a heat pump. Collection of applications will start on April 19, 2017 at 8 o'clock.

The Zlín Region expects the citizens to show a strong interest, therefore they would like to make the applications as easy as possible and create transparent conditions for the applications. The citizens will therefore fill out and submit all the applications strictly in electronic form. This brings a number of advantages – the citizens will not have to spend their time queuing at the offices, they will be assured that their forms are correctly filled out (the form is checked before submitting) and they can submit the application from anywhere – they will only need a computer connected to the Internet. After submitting, every applicant will receive a confirmation that the application was submitted and received. Another advantage is the option to fill out the form comfortably ahead of time and then simply submit it at the moment the application collection starts.

Electronic submissions have their advantages for the administration staff too – no needless queues at the office, the online forms are filled out correctly and there is no need to copy the form data manually as it would be with paper forms.


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