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Sofa speaks Slovak

A safe cloud-based service, Sofa, which facilitates quick digitization of businesses and institutions, is from now on also available in Slovak. It means that users in Slovakia can now manage and create their own processes in their native language and in compliance with Slovak legislation.

06/12/16 / News

Using Sofa is easy and intuitive. Both legislation sets (CZ and SK) are now available in English too. The service can recognize the user's preferred language from browser settings and offer it automatically. If the user wants to change the language, it can be done easily in the user settings.

If you decide to use Sofa, you will get an immediate overview of everything that takes place in your business processes. Without paper, anywhere and anytime from a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

The price of service is determined by the number of users and size of storage. The FREE package is free for 3 users, ŠTART costs EUR 150 (up to 20 users) per month and the price of the PLUS package is EUR 250 (up to 50 users) per month. If you need to adjust the size of your Sofa to the particular requirements of your business or institution, please specify them to receive a tailored solution including the price. You can learn more about the Slovak Sofa at 602.cz/sk/sofa.



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