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Sofa with new features

Sofa, a service that provides fast digitization of businesses and organizations, has new features. Users can now create and assess their own questionnaires and also easily set up substitution in case of absence.

27/02/17 / News

Questionnaires and their assessment

The questionnaire feature in Sofa offers a wide range of uses. Be it inquiries within a business or organization or finding out public opinions and attitudes. Those who have Sofa available can create questionnaires as they need using the application's web interface. The questionnaire is then made available to the selected users within the organization based on their groups or roles. Another option is to publish an anonymous questionnaire at an URL address. Anonymous questionnaires are a good fit for e.g. local administration offices. They can use the questionnaires to create polls for their citizens, collect data or make satisfaction surveys. 

Sofa also provides its users with the option to use the increasingly popular “Demokracie 21” method for their polls. Demokracie 21 can be used by municipalities, businesses, organizations or various societies. It differs from classic polls, where every voter has a single vote, by using a so-called multiple vote effect. It means that everyone has two votes, and to make the voting more precise, they can also use a negative vote.

It is very easy to create questionnaires in Sofa. Anyone can design a questionnaire using a clear guide. In a few steps you will select the required items, create the form's design from preset templates, select the required icons and determine accessibility (anonymous or based on roles).

Thanks to a wide range of options offered by Sofa it is available to users in businesses, non-profit organizations or organizations established by local administration, at public administration offices or anywhere else. Automatic adjustment of questionnaires to the device used (phone, tablet, PC) is naturally included. The administrator who set up the questionnaire or poll will have the structured results available, with an option to export them to a CSV file.

Substitution in absence

A new Sofa feature offers substitution in absence, e.g. in case of sickness, leave of absence or a business trip. Users can set their own substitute who will step in for them to approve some or even all of the processes (in that case they select a global substitute for all processes). Substitution is set up in a similar way to out-of-office e-mail replies: for a preset period, and it is automatically deactivated afterwards.


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