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Signer qualified for macOS and Windows

We have released a new version, Signer 3.5, for Windows and macOS. Since the beginning of September 2017 our users can enjoy the application’s brand new features. The most important ones certainly include the support for SecuSign Validation Qualified service, which provides full and correct validation of signed documents in compliance with the eIDAS regulation.

19/09/17 / News

Another important feature is “Sealing”, which enables users to provide a document with an electronic seal and a time stamp based on an electronic seal certificate (which is kept safely in the KeyVault store).

Signer brings even more advantages. If you need to sign documents electronically and completely safely on your portable device, such as a tablet or mobile phone, download Signer Bluetooth token. It communicates with the signing application, Signer, using Bluetooth and provides one of the most secure authorization methods.

And thanks to the new licensing model it is now not necessary to keep buying additional time stamp packages. A yearly subscription will allow you to keep time stamping without any limits – if you need to attach a time stamp, you simply acquire it with a single mouse click.

Besides the new features, Signer offers a whole range of other existing features that provide user comfort, such as handling password-protected PDF documents, providing a preview of signed documents in Microsoft Office formats, wider options of declared reasons for signing (I am the author of the document, I agree, I acknowledge, etc.) for both PDF and Office documents, and more. The comprehensive and well-ordered environment also allows you to:

  • attach digital signatures and qualified time stamps,
  • verify the integrity of incoming documents and the validity of their signatures,
  • convert documents from virtually any format to archival PDF/A or another version of PDF,
  • make use of device-specific features (e.g. create trustworthy photographs from a smartphone or tablet),
  • fully redact data from PDF documents, add a text layer using OCR technology and other operations.

The current Signer users will be transferred to the new licensing plan automatically after updating to version 3.5 and will be able to use the services for free for a year. If you would like to try out Signer first, you can download it and try for free for 14 days with 25 time stamps. You will need to set up a 602 ID account.
A single Signer license from Software602 is valid for devices with Windows, macOS, iOS and Android operating systems.

Signer is intended for both personal use and organizations of all sizes. If you are interested in a free trial of the new version, you can download it at https://www.602.cz/signer/

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