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eIDAS, Signer and electronic seals

European Regulation eIDAS has been in force since last year and Czech legislation responded to it too. The new legislation brought on many changes related to authorities as well as the use and issuing of certificates.

12/01/17 / News


 It also pays a detailed attention to seals, which are now replacing electronic marks. Jiří Peterka wrote an interesting article on the questions of what has been successfully pushed through in the Czech Republic and how, and which areas have been so far less successful. 

This engaging article focuses in detail on the last half year, which brought so many fundamental changes. He also points out that the requirements of the new legislation, specifically Act 297/2016 Sb., are not being met by public administration. An interesting detail that pleased us was assessment of Signer by Software602 not only in relation to seals and electronic signature validation. The author says in the article: “Nevertheless the fact that it is an electronic seal (and not a signature or mark) is often not visible at first. This is because most of the software still cannot correctly recognize electronic seals. ... The best results are from a Czech program, Signer by Software602, which not only identifies an electronic seal as such, but thanks to the knowledge of local legislation (and our exceptions and transitional measures) also correctly identified the type of seal: that it is a recognized electronic seal, based on a certificate for electronic seals from a qualified trust service provider.” What does it mean? That the solution our customers and partners can have in their systems is tested, reliable and can deal with demands brought by the new legislation in both Czech jurisdiction and the requirements from the European regulation. This solution is also available for implementation in third-party applications using the Long-Term Docs SDK.


You can read the whole  Peterka's article here:  The first half year with the eIDAS Regulation: electronic seals are coming.


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