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Boiler grants with Software602

The October collection of electronic applications for boiler grants in the Central Bohemian Region was a success. Thanks to the region authority's careful preparations and a form-based solution from Software602, citizens could apply for subsidies for the exchange of old boilers from the comfort of their homes, without having to queue in cold weather in front of the authority's building.

31/10/17 / News

It was only possible to apply electronically – therefore a clear order of incoming applications was available, as well as the complete data in electronic form.

There was immense interest among the citizens; in the first second after starting the collection, ca. 600 applications were received, and ca. 1 500 applications in the first minute. The first day saw about 4 500 submitted applications. The application collection continues until all the allocated money is exhausted or until the end of the collection period, which is set to July 30th, 2018. During this call, the Central Bohemian Region distributes more than CZK 502.2 million among the applicants for the grant for the exchange of solid-fuel heat sources in family houses. As of the end of October, people have so far applied for subsidies in an amount exceeding CZK 450 million.

The collection of applications proceeded in a very simple and transparent manner. Upon submitting the application, every applicant received a confirmation of receiving the application, which contained a unique numerical code, the order of the application, the submission date and the applicant's basic details. People then print out the electronically-submitted application and deliver it to the Central Bohemian Region's authority within 20 days along with the documents needed to acquire the grant.

The region's authority also made it possible to prepare the applications a month in advance. The citizens could therefore prepare all the necessary documents without rush and in advance, so that it was ready for submitting when the application collection started.

The application collection started on October 4, 2017 at 8 o'clock, when the Central Bohemian Region started accepting electronic applications for grants on the exchange of old manual-stoked solid-fuel boilers in the first and second emission class for heat pumps, boilers designed for burning biomass only, automatic boilers for coal and biomass or gas condensing boilers.

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