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Signer is a premium tool for work with electronic signatures, time stamps and data boxes on Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS. It enables you to authorise documents (in PDF, PDF/A, OFFICE 365) and XML data (FormApps) by an electronic signature on all platforms.


Version for Android

Native application for tablets, phones and other devices with Google Android operating system with 4.0+ is available for free on Google play. Version 3.5.7. / List of changes and fixes


  • Display attachments of sent data messages
  • Fixed opening of data message attachments

Version for iOS

Native application for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch with Apple iOS operating system is available for free on Apple App Store. Version 3.6.4.

The first version of the application written completely in Swift. Provides better user comfort, faster application response and stability. The update will migrate all user data, including certificates and settings, to the new version. You will not lose your data. / List of changes and fixes

  • Added support for iOS Signer BlueTooth Token
  • Reported errors fixed

Version for macOS

Application for devices with operating system macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and OSX 10.11 (El Capitan). Version 3.5.7 / List of changes and fixes


  • Insertion of initials - visual annotation
  • Bulk converting files to PDF
  • Signing Profiles - Speed up the process when signing of the most commonly used certificate
  • DS archive - Local storage of selected Datamailbox messages
  • Forwarding DS attachments by email - Allows you to pass attachments from a Datamailbox message to an email application
  • View Attachments sent by DS - For a sent Datamailbox message, you can review the sent attachment
  • Repair of Sierra installation 10.12. 

Version for Windows

Native application for devices with Windows 8 and Windows RT operating system for tablets and ultrabooks with touchscreens. Version / List of changes and fixes


  • Signature profiles
  • "Bulk Signature Conversion" feature in the context menu
  • New WebAPI: Bulk signature
  • Local archive of data messages
  • Parafa (visualization without certificate)
  • List of recent documents accessible from the menu.

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