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We’re a dynamic company that emphasizes innovation and good interpersonal relationships. Together with our customers, we want to bring an innovative approach to deploying Paperless Solutions in companies and offices as a trusted partner. Our advanced-technology products and services are intended to be user-friendly and practical.


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The best we have in 602 are our people

Our values


This has been the motto of our company since its formation. More than a third of our employees are dedicated to developing new technologies that take our company and clients to the next level. We’re among the top European companies in selected areas.


Our solutions have been around for more than a quarter of a century. Over the years, our customers and partners have seen many times that they can always rely on us – that’s why they stay with us. We can deliver and finance large solutions over the long term.


Interpersonal relationships are important to us. We provide professional work thanks to our people who enjoy working. Our clients know that robots do not provide solutions, but that people who are willing to listen do. We want to communicate IT solutions humanely and simply.

We've always enjoyed developing our own software at 602. Whether it was software for MS-DOS in the past or now SaaS for Azure with mobile applications.

Richard Kaucký
602® Principal & Co-Founder 

We are one team, wherever we are

Our certifications

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 is an organizational quality management system. On 22 February 2016 we were verified and obtained this certificate for the following areas: Analyses; Suggesting Solutions; Development; Implementation; Service and Support of ICT Technologies and SW Systems and Solutions.

ISO/IEC 20000-1

ISO / IEC 20000-1 is an international standard for quality management of information technology services. As part of the certification process, the auditor (the global auditor Tayllor & Cox was the auditor for 602) verifies that the IT service provider is focused on the customer's needs, whether the processes are appropriate, whether these processes are actually adhered to, and whether the vendor is working on continuous improvement.

ISO:/IEC 27001:2013

ISO/IEC 27001:2013 is a norm for information security management systems. It ensures that the certified company is aware of the value of information, takes the necessary steps (technical, organizational and personnel) to protect it, that these steps are in the nature of a coherent system and are embodied in guidelines that are actually followed


602's key project managers and technical specialists are certified according to the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) methodology. This is a set of guidelines and procedures for providing IT services designed to ensure that only activities that bring added value to the contracting entity are implemented and that these activities are carefully monitored and managed.

Trusted list EU

We are a qualified provider of trust-building services registered on the European trusted List


Some Software602 consultants have been certified according to Prince2's international project management methodology. 

This methodology was originally developed for the British government, but was later adopted by other European governments, international organizations such as NATO and the EU, and hundreds of commercial organizations.

It differs from the comparable methodology of the American PMI in its complexity, as it covers the whole life cycle of the project, from deciding whether to implement the project to evaluating the results over time. The Prince2 methodology ensures that nothing has been forgotten and that all areas of the project are under supervision.

The methodology is regularly enhanced with current experience in IT project management; the latest version was released in 2009.


As the only ETSI member in the Czech Republic that is active in the field of electronic signatures, Software602 successfully participated in plug tests for PAdES, CAdES, XAdES and ASiC signature formats, confirming its technological advancement in the field of electronic signatures and the role of a technology leader in this field.

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