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Qualified trust services
in compliance with the eIDAS!

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Our own high quality technologies and 25 years of experience provide us the opportunity to give each client concrete digital solution which is made to satisfy his needs from any segment or field


Digital archiving

By archiving digital documents and data they become legally effective in a long-term.


Process digitization

We digitize processes by using workflow of active form applications which are tailor-made to fit the processes.


Document management system

We manage digital documents and data messages in their whole life cycle beginning with their creation by a certain process or conversion.


Records management system

We implement record management system based on the national standard by using shared eGovernmental services.


Submission and forms

We integrate full electronic submission with smart form application placed on clients’s portals.


Signatures and conversion

We guarantee a conversion and legal effect of digital documents signed with electronic signatures in accordance with eIDAS.

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nov_kotlikovedotace-1_201711.png News


Boiler grants with Software602

The October collection of electronic applications for boiler grants in the Central Bohemian Region was a success. Thanks to the region authority's careful preparations and a form-based solution from Software602, citizens could apply for subsidies for the exchange of old boilers from the comfort of their homes, without having to queue in cold weather in front of the authority's building.

nov_signer_201709.png News


Signer qualified for macOS and Windows

We have released a new version, Signer 3.5, for Windows and macOS. Since the beginning of September 2017 our users can enjoy the application’s brand new features. The most important ones certainly include the support for SecuSign Validation Qualified service, which provides full and correct validation of signed documents in compliance with the eIDAS regulation.

nov_kvalifikovanesluzby_201706.png News


We succeeded on the EU digital market

Today we have achieved an important success on the digital market of European Union. We have become a qualified trust service provider for the services of validating and preserving electronic signatures. These services, under a common name of SecuSign, comply with the European Regulation, eIDAS.

NOV_Zlínský_kraj_malý News


The Zlín Region and our forms

Citizens are going to apply for grants in the Heat Source Replacement Program in homes in the Zlín Region using an electronic form by Software602.

Case studies and references

Less paperwork and more efficiency. Find out how else to benefit from digitization in its favor.



Electronic approvals of purchases and leave requests. This fast-growing company has a perfect overview of purchase and leave requests which is simple to handle.


Autoklub ČR

In order for Autoklub ČR (Car Club Czech Republic) to continue providing its services at the highest level possible, they needed to start digitizing their activities. One of the reasons is that as a member of several international federations and a national sport authority in motor sports, they take care of their management and development.


Czech Point

Our form-based interface combines various records and registers of the Czech administration and almost 7000 offices at city and municipal authorities, post offices, embassies, local offices of the Czech Chamber of Commerce and notaries.


The Town of Polička

Polička in East Bohemia is a proof that digitization does not have to be the privilege of cities. The municipal authority decided to digitize selected processes of the authority's offices, which resulted in savings and at the same time accelerated and simplified the selected processes.