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We create a world where companies and authorities will no longer need documents in paper form.

You will know about everything that is going on and have access to any vital information anytime from anywhere thanks to documents and processes being digitized.

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Our own high quality technologies and 25 years of experience provide us the opportunity to give each client concrete digital solution which is made to satisfy his needs from any segment or field


Digital archiving

By archiving digital documents and data they become legally effective in a long-term.


Process digitization

We digitize processes by using workflow of active form applications which are tailor-made to fit the processes.


Document management system

We manage digital documents and data messages in their whole life cycle beginning with their creation by a certain process or conversion.


Records management system

We implement record management system based on the national standard by using shared eGovernmental services.


Submission and forms

We integrate full electronic submission with smart form application placed on clients’s portals.


Signatures and conversion

We guarantee a conversion and legal effect of digital documents signed with electronic signatures in accordance with eIDAS.

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Seminar on digital archiving

We organize seminars for new clients throughout the whole year. The first one of them to take place this year will be at the end of January, on Thursday January 26th, 2017, from 9 o'clock at Software602..

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Sofa and Signer are Noteworthy Products

Sofa and Signer, applications by Software602, have been selected among Noteworthy Products by the editors of magazine BusinessIT.cz.

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Sofa speaks Slovak

A safe cloud-based service, Sofa, which facilitates quick digitization of businesses and institutions, is from now on also available in Slovak. It means that users in Slovakia can now manage and create their own processes in their native language and in compliance with Slovak legislation.

nov_podejto_201612.jpg Novinka


PODEJTO.CZ Came in Third

At the ceremonial announcement of the results of the 4th year of the competition Společně otevíráme data (We open data together), the PODEJTO.CZ portal has been awarded third place.

Case studies and references

Less paperwork and more efficiency. Find out how else to benefit from digitization in its favor.


City of Pilsen

How to facilitate contact between citizens and administration and make the employees' jobs easier? The representatives of Pilsen have decided on a digitization project. Its aim was to reduce waiting at counters and give people an opportunity to submit various applications and forms in digital form.


Czech Point

Our form-based interface combines various records and registers of the Czech administration and almost 7000 offices at city and municipal authorities, post offices, embassies, local offices of the Czech Chamber of Commerce and notaries.